March 9, 2018

To celebrate National Barbie Day in March, one of Emerald Care’s staff members set up a display in the facility dining room, sharing several hundred of her favorite Barbies with the nursing home residents. The women were fascinated by the dolls’ clothing–especially the medieval princesses and the Americana series of that showcased the height of American fashions for each decade from the 1860s through the 1980s. The men gravitated toward the male figures sporting uniforms, weapons, and hair styles of the Revolutionary War as well as specialty figures representing Geronimo, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, and others. Many loved the Native American Barbies with authentic costumes representing several different tribes.

Emerald Care resident and long-time Wapato resident Janis Dorr, 91, most enjoyed the Barbies in the Gone With the Wind display. She is shown holding Barbie as Scarlett O’Hara dressed for the bar-b-que at the beginning of the classic movie that came out when Janis was 12 years old.

Emerald Care, a non-profit skilled nursing home in Wapato, invites community members with interesting collections or special talents to share with its residents! For more information, please call Activities Director Teresa Barry at (509) 877-3175, ext. 21.