Annual state fair outing at the end of September!

September 18, 2019

This years date is September 24th. Residents love their yearly visits to the fair for an exciting environment, delicious food varieties, and overall a great time. Our dedicated staff is accompanying each resident with the care he or she may need in such a setting. We also encourage family and friends to join, as well as volunteers to enjoy in this awesome experience! Please contact our sunshine committee member, Becky Anderson at (509) 945-1556, for any specific information and details.

Emerald Care has been granted the approval to host NAC classes starting the end of summer 2019!

August 22, 2019

Become a Washington State nurse assistant through our on-site classes. This not only brings an amazing opportunity but the ability for visual learning as well. Classes will be about a month-long at only $20, $5 of which is refundable if you decide this class is not suited for you. The dates for the first session… Read more »

Gardening, a Labor of Love

June 1, 2018

My, How His Garden Grows! Last year, Activities staff at Emerald Care diligently did research, purchased supplies, and invested time into seeding and watering an orange barrel planter … all of which resulted in complete failure. The few buds quickly withered under care of the black thumbs tending them. This year, the activities director invited… Read more »

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day for all!

May 18, 2018

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day for all, as described in the attached article that appeared in the May 2018 Review-Independent newspaper. To enjoy more photos from the facility’s celebration, click here.

Emerald Care Rewrites the Way to “DO” Therapy

March 29, 2018

EMERALD CARE BREAKS THE MOLD, REWRITES THE WAY TO “DO” THERAPY They say ‘Time heals all wounds,’ but recovery from physical ailments— ranging from fractures, age-related debilitation, or obesity to complications of strokes, heart attacks, or progression of various diseases—takes more than time. At minimum, professional guidance— usually in the form of physical, occupational, and/or… Read more »


March 9, 2018

To celebrate National Barbie Day in March, one of Emerald Care’s staff members set up a display in the facility dining room, sharing several hundred of her favorite Barbies with the nursing home residents. The women were fascinated by the dolls’ clothing–especially the medieval princesses and the Americana series of that showcased the height of American fashions for each decade… Read more »

Emerald Care is getting a $1 million facelift! 

February 1, 2018

Watch for the article coming out in the next issue of the Lower Valley’s Review-Independent newspaper to learn more, but we are thrilled to announce that the renovation IS upon us, at long last! The papers were signed, the money is lined up, and the contractors are being scheduled! We have an ad coming out… Read more »

Emerald Care Annual Christmas Bazaar

December 7, 2017

Start and finish your Christmas shopping and load up on fantastic edibles while you’re here!

We had a Boo-tiful afternoon!

November 3, 2017

What a BOO-tiful afternoon we had at Emerald Care on Tuesday, Oct. 31st, celebrating Halloween together with lots of fun costumes, shared laughter, spooky music, and delicious goodies to eat & drink! Be sure to check out all the pictures in our Photo Gallery!

Our ‘injured reserve’

October 23, 2017

When Mike, our Administrator, recently had leg surgery, we added a crutch to his avatar on the board. We appear to have quite an ‘injured reserve’ roster, with various residents appearing with a neck brace, oxygen tubes, band-aids, and more! Also represented is our business manager Janie and her dog Sophia (who is pretty much her… Read more »

Emerald Care ‘Hawks’ board featured in our local newspaper

October 23, 2017

The Oct. 19 edition of the local Review-Independent newspaper did a write-up and published a photo of our board, which we plan to leave up for as long as the Seahawks’ season lasts! We’ve had tremendous positive feedback for this bulletin board, with most of the residents stopping to look at their pictures and smiling… Read more »

Emerald Care residents stand for the Seahawks AND for our National Anthem

October 23, 2017

The bulletin board in the Activities department celebrates our residents’ love for the Seahawks with all residents ‘suited up’ in Seattle uniforms! The administrator, business manager, and some volunteers also show up sporting uniforms (note the special uniformed personality next to the left goal post!). Seattle’s season schedule is posted with silver stars added for… Read more »

Emerald Care residents are tackling childhood cancer!

October 23, 2017

   Emerald Care residents are tackling childhood cancers with their very giving hearts! They have drawn and/or painted beautiful, motivational cards for children with cancer, which we are sending to a pediatric oncology unit in Seattle along with a coloring activity and a gold-ribbon sticker (childhood cancer awareness) for each child. We are about to send… Read more »