Admission Team


(509) 949-4448

Jeff Hoon
509-877-3175 x 12
Jeff’s office is the first office on the left in Emerald Care.

Director of Nursing
Tamara Berumen
509-877-3175 ext 17
Tamara’s office is located across from the nurse’s station in Emerald Care.

Rehabilitation Director
Lorelei Murdoc, LPN
509 -877-3175 x 36
Lorelei’s office is located towards the end of the yellow hall, in the therapy room on the right side of the hallway. The Rehabilitation Director will, upon the resident’s admission, notify our rehabilitation team of speech, occupational and physical therapist physicians’ orders. Therapy is provided, but not limited to, recent orthopedic surgeries, stroke complications, enteral feeds for nutritional needs, diabetes and wound complications, and more. Therapy is on the premises 7 days a week when requested by your physician.

Social Service Director
Stephanie Williams
509-877-3175 x 20
Stephanie’s office is located across from the main entrance. She can help you with information about Emerald Care’s admission procedure, contact your current physician, or even find you a new physician if you’re thinking of coming from a home or hospital setting, and even from out of state. Stephanie, who has over 28 years of experience in skilled nursing and long-term care, will be able to answer most of your questions regarding Medicare or Medicaid coverage and/or direct you to the person who can.

Health Information Manager
Michelle Braley
509-877-3175 x13
Michelle’s office is the second office to the left when entering the main entrance. She can help you with any questions regarding the admission procedure, tours of the facility and insurance questions. She has 28 years of experience in the healthcare business and can direct you to whatever is needed.

Maintenance Supervisor
Pablo Villa, JR
The Maintenance Supervisor, Pablo, is responsible for maintaining the equipment and facility structure. He can help with television installation and cable selection, hanging of pictures, etc. The Case Managers or Charge Nurse may assist you in contacting Pablo.

Business Office Manager
Rufina Miranda
509-877-3175 x 14
Rufina can answer most of your financial/business questions as she is in charge of personnel, accounting, and payroll. Rufina also loves to be able to answer and assist all residents and or their loved ones with all their insurance policy questions.

Registered Dietitian     Dietary Manager
Carol Taylor                    Analea Nastor

Carol and Analea work together to ensure all the residents’ special diets and personal choice of meals and snacks are provided to meet each resident’s needs. If you have any special food requests, please talk with either of them.

Activity Director/Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Torres
The activities office is located in the Dining Room. Jennifer and her assistants, aided by loyal and kind volunteers, strive to offer a multitude of choices so residents of Emerald Care can enjoy any or all of their favorite activities like gardening, crafts, birthday and holiday parties/socials, bingo, karaoke, Wii games, exercise group, read aloud time, reminiscing, trivia, and more. She also schedules classic TV/movies, spiritual and musical programs, theme music, and more–to include reservations for private parties in the Day Room. Please inquire if you are interested in volunteering.

Housekeeping / Laundry Supervisor
Juanita Contreras
Juanita has been with us for over 25 years. Juanita and her team of professionals will do their best to make sure our residents’ home is neat and tidy. We do ask that all resident clothing has an ‘iron-on’ label with the resident’s name on it. With up to 82 residents a day’s worth of clothing to launder, it can become difficult to identify and return unlabeled clothing! See the Admission Team for free clothing labeling services upon admission and during the stay at Emerald Care. Thank you for your support!

Becky Anderson
(509) 945-1556

Becky has over 20 years of experience working with senior citizens. She is exceptional with hair and nails along with a loving and caring nature about her work. Becky can be scheduled for an appointment between 8-4:30, Tuesday-Friday.

Medical Director
Paul E. Emmans Jr., M.D.
118 S. 2nd St. Suite B
Selah, WA 98942